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Half Day Family Climbing

Fancy a bit of a challenge? Why not try some rock climbing, this is a great family activity that anyone can have a go at. We will provide you with all the kit you need and your own instructor to help you have a fun time. This is the Lake District and so it does rain, but not to worry as there are some indoor climbing walls if it is too wet to head outdoors. Someone in the family doesn’t have a head for hights? All the places we climb allow people just to come along and watch, some even have a cafe to sit and enjoy a cup of tea and cake!


We use a variety of rock climbing areas to suit your family’s ability and where you are staying.

What our customers say about this...

"Despite some of us not being keen on hights we had a really good time!"

"Graet climbing and a fantastic cafe to relax in afterwards"


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2 adults + 2 children  £110

Per extra child        £25

Per extra adult        £30


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What is Included:

A qualified rock climbing instructor

Use of climbing and safety equipment

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oxford crag 1

Family climb B


climbing thorn 2